Race Details CRUX

DateSaturday March 2nd, 2024
Start / Check-InKollbrunn train station
08:00 – 08:30 Check-In, Luggage drop-off, Waiver
08:40 Group photo session
08:45 Start
FinishCRUX CONTESSARestaurant Hulftegg, Hulftegg, +41 79 345 85 81 / +41 71 983 33 66. Along the hiking trail „69“.
CRUX COUNTOrange Pizza Kebab, Hauptstrasse 24, 8716 Schmerikon, Phone +41 55 282 23 60. Tipp: Place your order already during the run.
Migrolino-Shop at the train station is open.
This is off route „69“ and before „Rapperswil“. Check the race maps.
Course The course follows basically the „69 Zürich Oberland Höhenweg Winterthur-Rapperswil“. Look out for signs like

16 km/10 mi: at the crossing take very right trail
50-53 km/ 31-32 mi: follow offical signs, 2x left (correct trail does not follow the main road)
Not relevant for 2022: Swiss Army Shooting training area CRUX detour (only if announced)
Distance/Elev.CONTESSA: 28 km, 1’500 hm / 17.4 mi, 4’920 ft ascent
COUNT: 56 km, 2’300 hm / 34.8 mi, 8’000 ft ascent
RuntimeCONTESSA: expect from 3-6 hours
COUNT: expect from 7-12 hours
WeatherRegion Zürich Oberland / Hörnli
Bergfex Steg
Bergfex Atzmännig
WebcamBerggasthaus Hörnli (26 km) 1’100 müM (3600 ft)
Chrüzegg (40 km)
Atzmännig (44 km)
Schmerikon (56 km Finish)
Support / FoodThere are no aid stations or other support provided by the organization. Participants need to organize their self-support. There are no working fountains in the winter. You may not want to miss enjoying a hot chocolate at the Restaurant Hulftegg Pass (28 km)!
Between Hulftegg (28 km/17.4 mi) and Rüeterswil (48 km/31 mi) you will see only Restaurant Chrüzegg (40 km/25 mi also with vending machine at place) and Restaurant Atzmännig (44 km/28 mi) to get food. Make sure you have everything you need for this section in case you miss the trail.
Transfer / LogisticsThere will be an organised transport for personal equipment from start to finish as a one-way. The bags will be dropped off at the restaurant. It is in the racers responsibility to pick-up the bag at those locations. The organisation does not collect or ship “forgotten” bags. Bag size is limited to 30 liters. The offical CRUX tag will be handed out at check-in. Attach tag to bag „CRUX CONTESSA“ (for those finishing at Hulftegg 28 km/17.4 mi) or „CRUX COUNT“ (finish in Schmerikon 56 km/34.8 mi) and write your name on tag.
Tipp: If you’re uncertain and decide on the way wheather you run from Hulftegg to Schmerikon you may give a small bag to transport to Hulftegg and carry it from there with you for the rest of the run.
RankingThe sole purpose of this event is for fun, experience and adventure. There is no official ranking or award. However, finisher times will be posted if you send your data using the forms HULFTEGG and SCHMERIKON (with time of arrival, optional GPS brand and model, distance, total ascent).
CheckpointsIn the Restaurant Hulftegg Pass (17.4 mi) and Orange Pizza Kebab, Schmerikon (35 mi), use your smartphone and the QR-Code above or the paper checklist. Each CRUX-Runner enters name and actual daytime. This is for safety reasons and a finisher list.
Gear listThe following list is only a suggestion of gear. Temperature ranges from -10°C/14f to 3°C/38f. Also expect wind on exposed locations (windchill).
• GPS-Track, printed maps (please see also Download. There are no printed papers provided)
• backpack
• gloves
• hat
• gaitors
• Rescue/space blanket
• extra dry clothes for after the finish
• dry clothes during the run
• trail running shoes
• windproof jacket
• money and train tickets (GA/Halbtax SBB)
• food/water for minimum 4 hours of running
• charged cell phone
• transparent plastic bags (map protection)
• photo camera
• headlamp
• Compass / GPS
DescriptionThe elevation ranges from 493 m/1600 ft up to 1304 m/4280 ft (profile). Snow up to two feet may be expected as well as ice..
Dawn/Dusk07:06 AM / 06:09 PM
Drop outPlease be reminded that you are on your own out there. You may drop out when you wish. The maps (Downloads) will indicate where it is best for you to stop for an easy return. The organization is not responsible for your well being. Please make sure to sign the waiver before the start.
SafetySome sections are in remote areas where there is no cell phone reception. If you feel uncomfortable join other runners and stay together.
FeeCHF 20.- payable in advance or at start (Coverage of equipment transfer start to finish, permits, software license, insurance of liability of organisation, domain, hosting aso).
Downloads GPS Track, Maps, Timetable